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SmartRoom - Voice Controlled Center for Homes of Motor-Handicapped Persons (2007-2008)


Our SmartRoom was developed like prototype mainly for motor-handicapped people for controlling of PC and electric devices in their homes. Several different ways exist at present how to control PC without hands, but the voice is the most natural way of them. Our system consists from two modules: program MyVoice and unit for controlling external electric devices (program VoiCenter). External devices like, e.g. electric heating, lights or different IR controlled home appliances (TV, Hi-Fi, DVD) are controlled by voice commands in MyVoice program which is connected with program VoiCenter. The program VoiCenter sends events to external modules for RC (Radio Control) and IR (Infra Red) transmitters/receivers. We have used wireless (RC) receivers/ transmitters  for controlling of the lights, electric window-blinds, electric heating, ventilator etc. from the Czech company Jablotron in version 1.0 and system xComfort from Eaton company in version 2.0. 




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