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Voice Controlled Games and Tools for Handicaped Children (1995)


We have developed several tools and games that can be used by handicaped users, particularly, by children. The games, like a tile-moving mosaic or a fill-colour painting sheet - shown above, are controlled entirely by voice, giving thus a chance to those who - from various reasons - cannot use keyboard and mouse.


Some of the games and tools have got facilities allowing them to be utilized as training (as well as motivating) aids for teaching hearing-impaired people. These facilities have been designed to give a disabled user a visual feedback on the quality of his/her speech. It is achieved by visualizing the speech waveform and its spectrum, and comparing them to those of reference speakers. Another feedback information is provided by the speech recogniser itself.


More information: NOUZA J., HAJEK D.: Speech Training and Motivating Tools for Hearing-Impaired People. 7. Konferenz Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung, Berlin, Germany, November 1996.