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Internet speech recognizer - Distributed speech recognition (2003)



The aim of distributed speech recognition (DSR) is in the fact that user's computer only records speech and DSR server provides speech recognition. Therefore user's computer (client) is unloaded by recognition algorithms that consume lot of computing power and memory. The recognition data are transferred from client to server via Internet.

In our lab was developed DSR system with isolated word recognition engine for Czech. The communication between server and clients is based on TCP/IP protocol. The server is designed for mass multiuser usage with power scalability. It is possible to setup up predefined vocabularies (up to million items) and if it is needed to upload user's own vocabulary with limited size (10000 words). It was prearranged several clients application in various programing languages (C++, C#, JAVA). Some clients are used in common life and others are used for next research and students projects.