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dpsThe Institute of Information Technology and Electronics (ITE) has been established in January 1, 2007, by reorganization of the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies. It fuses most members of the previous Department of Electronics and Signal Processing. Principal activities of ITE consist of teaching, research and development in information and electronic systems. There are two main research teams: Laboratory of Computer Speech Processing and FPGA and ASIC Circuits Design Group.

The Laboratory of Computer Speech Processing led by professor Jan Nouza aims at research in speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker recognition and verification, audio-visual speech processing, multi-channel signal processing, blind source separation, biomedical signal analysis, and image processing.

itThe ASIC group led by professor Ondřej Novák aims at testing and diagnostics of electronic systems, utilization of FPGA circuits regarding physical conditions of 10-100 nm technology, implementation of algorithms in FPGA circuits and methods for electronic circuits design and development in consideration of their dependability.The institute is engaged in teaching of bachelor, master and PhD courses, in particular, in digital electronic circuits, signal processing, computer speech, text and image processing, and communication technologies.



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